Sunday, March 27, 2011

Leaving Vegas

las vegas 011

Goodbye Las Vegas….moving on up the road to The Valley Of Fire state park.  This is an awesome place with beautiful red rock scenery, Indians lived here for thousands of yrs and left behind lots of evidence of their stay.Valley of Fire State Park 090Valley of Fire State Park 031Valley of Fire State Park 034We had this awful parking spot.

Valley of Fire State Park 036These rocks were called the beehives because of their round shape and layers.

Valley of Fire State Park 066Valley of Fire State Park 067

The stairs went up to some of the petroglyphs on the rocks…what do they mean?  They meant something to someone.Valley of Fire State Park 081

These cabins were built by the CCC for workers to live in while the park was being developed.  This was the first state park built in Nevada in early 1930’s

Valley of Fire State Park 083We had lunch with this guy, didn’t get his name.

Valley of Fire State Park 087Valley of Fire State Park 030


  1. I'm so sorry you have such a terrible camp site. Really beautiful place.

  2. What a beautiful site. Is it serviced? We definitely have to go there next time around. What is CCC?

  3. You can't fool us. That site didn't look awful. You just want others to stay away!

  4. Great pictures. Looks like a beautiful place.

  5. Toni, No it's not cargo carrying capacity; it's Civilian Conservation Corp. Government hired unemployed young men to improve our nation's parks during our Depression. Most of the rock walls and buildings you see in our national and state parks were built by those men. Dave's uncle was one of them working in northern Minnesota.