Thursday, June 23, 2011

We made it to Wyoming

   After a few more stops in Utah and Colorado we finally crossed over into Wyoming.  It’s a cold and rainy night , but the forecast is for better weather the rest of the week.

Here’s a few pictures (mostly rocks!) of things we saw from Canyonlands to here.

dinosaur n m  , grand junction 028dinosaur n m  , grand junction 003

dinosaur n m  , grand junction 009 Wooden shoe rock.

dinosaur n m  , grand junction 051dinosaur n m  , grand junction 030

dinosaur n m  , grand junction 042 The Colorado River.

Newspaper Rock.

dinosaur n m  , grand junction 023dinosaur n m  , grand junction 024

Arches National Park

dinosaur n m  , grand junction 056dinosaur n m  , grand junction 053

Dinosaur Hill, Fruita, Colorado.

dinosaur n m  , grand junction 068Imprint of dino bone removed from rock.  This area is where most of the dino fossils came from that are in the Smithsonian and Chicago museums.

dinosaur n m  , grand junction 083dinosaur n m  , grand junction 163dinosaur n m  , grand junction 076 Canyon Pintado,  waving hands pictograph made  by Fremont Indians who lived in the area.dinosaur n m  , grand junction 109This petroglyph of a lizard was huge maybe life size in 1200 AD?dinosaur n m  , grand junction 090 Camping spot on the Green River.

dinosaur n m  , grand junction 164  Good-bye Utah, for now.

Sunday, June 19, 2011

The Goosenecks State Park, Utah

Our next stop was between The Valley of the Gods and Monument Valley.  We didn’t have any idea what The Goosenecks were so we decided to find out.  It was quite and awesome sight and a wonderful parking spot.

N Rim and Lake Powell 071

This was our parking spot right on the rim not more than 50 ft from the edge looking straight down to the San Juan River.  Isn’t it amazing  that a little river can do all that!  

Monument Valley in the distance

N Rim and Lake Powell 065

N Rim and Lake Powell 089Another beautiful sunset on another beautiful spot.

Monday, June 13, 2011

Lake Powell and the beach

It’s kinda funny we have spent all winter dodging winter weather (right Jerri) and we have experienced more winter and cold temps in the last month than all winter!  So longing for some warm sunshine and being able to sit outside without getting blowed away we headed south for awhile and landed at Lone Beach on Lake Powell.  That’s us the big one on the left.

N Rim and Lake Powell 049

It was the perfect spot and perfect weather.

It sure was nice to just sit and enjoy the beach for a little while and the temps were perfect.

N Rim and Lake Powell 051N Rim and Lake Powell 054

We have been boondocking (no hook-ups) for about 21/2 weeks in some of the most beautiful places.  We kinda like having no hook-ups for now. It gets you more perfect spots.

N Rim and Lake Powell 044

This was a view of the Colorado River as we crossed over Navajo Bridge in Arizona.

Wait till you see our next parking spot!

Remoteness means no internet

Well after leaving Bryce Canyon, after staying almost a month , we moved on down to the North Rim of the Grand Canyon.  The cold and the wind followed us but it was sunny so it was fine.

n rim grand canyon 015n rim grand canyon 045

n rim grand canyon 007

We like to take the backroads through the park and on this road the Aspen trees were just leafing out.

n rim grand canyon 017

n rim grand canyon 029 This is Angel View Window and you could see the Colorado River thru the opening. It was a viewpoint you could walk out to to get a better view.

n rim grand canyon 004We actually crossed off one of the to do’s on our Bucket List and that was we rode the mules down into the canyon.  Now just 999 things left! 

N Rim and Lake Powell 011 Gitty-up Goliath!!!

N Rim and Lake Powell 006             N Rim and Lake Powell 023 Yes that is where we went!

N Rim and Lake Powell 028

Wait is that Jake (our nephew), oh no it’s our guide, sure looks like Jake!