Saturday, March 26, 2011

Carol Shelby Automotives

We visited the Shelby World Headquarters in Las Vegas one day.  They had a very good display of all the models he has produced since the late 1960’s.

ale-e-inn 005ale-e-inn 001

las vegas 019 Some of cars on display.

las vegas 016ale-e-inn 0022012 proto-type.

las vegas 017NO…he can’t have one, but they did sell two while we were there.


  1. I think you should let Jerry buy a new Shelby with all your winnings. After all, he deserves it. (I think I heard someone say that recently about Terry when he wanted to buy something.)

  2. Winnings? Is this a secret? Cough it up.

  3. I didn't dare let Jim near that place.

  4. Wow! That's more than some of us paid for our whole RV!