Friday, January 21, 2011

From Yuma to Quartzite

After boondocking for several days we moved over to the Elks Club in Yuma for a few days.  Jerry is an offical Elk now so we can camp in their parking lots.  While we were parked there I took a little stroll behind the motorhome and found this little guy enjoying the sunshine.  He (or she ?) is a burrowing owl and he lives in holes in the ground.  He is just a mini owl.

mexico to Lake Havasu 045

Monday, January 17, 2011

Meet Chloe

Did I mention we have a new addition?  Meet Chloe.Yuma  Az 024

Things to do in the desert

I know a few people think we are crazy for going to the desert to camp and they probably wonder what we do all day.  Well there really is a lot to do out here.  Like walks across the desert.Yuma  Az 045

Watching sunsets and gunfights.

Yuma  Az 002Yuma  Az 033

Or just talking with friends….

Yuma  Az 041Yuma  Az 040

in the natural  HOT mineral springs in the desert….

Jealous yet?

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Gathering of the RVers

Yuma  Az 025 Yuma  Az 035

The sun is shinning in Yuma while there is snow on the ground at home and some of our rv friends are gathering around the campfire here. For the next week they will be stopping by to spend a few days catching up or just getting acquainted with new folks that wasn’t here last year.

Yuma  Az 031

As you can see there are a few of us here.

Sunday, January 2, 2011

The New Year 2011

Time to get on the road again. We are now on our way to Yuma, Az for our class reunion. Some of the folks we meet last year and some new ones.

Terri and Jerri we have already been hanging out with and Toni and Doug had us over for Christmas dinner.

Phoenix Az 003Casa Grande. az 007

Our Town

On the way to Yuma we just had to check out this bustling town by the name HYDER. So we took a detour from the inter-state and traveled about 15 miles out of the way to check it out.

Ready here it is:

Casa Grande. az 014Casa Grande. az 016 Casa Grande. az 020

Casa Grande. az 018

That’s it nothing else there just the general store.

At least the sunset was awesome.

Casa Grande. az 021