Friday, April 1, 2011

Death Valley, CA

We have moved to Pahrump, Nv for a week so, we took a day trip over to Death Valley. First we had to get out the old ‘35 and gas her up.

death Valley 024 (640x480) (2)death Valley 017 (640x480)

I bet this old girl never ever thought she would see those prices, gulp! Now we are ready to go.

Death Valley is one of those truly awesome sights the first time you see it, it’s sort of other worldly.

death Valley 023

The white stuff is salt. This section is known as Badwater and is almost 300 ft below sea level. Most of the Valley is much the same except for the Furnace Creek area in the center of the park. It is like an oasis in the desert.

death Valley 003 (640x480)death Valley 005

death Valley 007 (640x480)death Valley 016 (640x480)

This wonderful spot is the Furnace Creek Inn built back in the 1930’s and has been updated through the years into this oasis of a hotel. It was fun to walk the grounds of the old beautiful hotel, but pretty spendy to stay there so, we drove back to Pahrump


  1. Canadian gas prices! Well ours is not quite that and the Canadian dollar is more than US right now. Interesting stuff about Furnace Creek. Miss you.

  2. Did you fill up at those prices??

  3. Furnace Creek is where we are headed to next week. I love Death Valley but I hope it cools down just a little bit for us. Loved seeing your pictures.

  4. I do not like seeing those prices!!!