Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Moving on up

Oct-Nov 2010 003

Well we signed a contract on the house on Friday, so we’ re  moving out of here  August 1.  This seems so surreal.  I had almost giving up on getting rid of the house, at least for several years, but the folks getting it really love it and can hardly wait for us to get out.  They want all the furnishings so all we have to move is our clothes and a few dishes… about luck.  We feel really lucky to be able to get out of here since the housing market is so bad here.   It is not the kind of deal we had hoped for but it is one we can work with and the family getting it is so excited.   You have to do what you can in this market and that sometimes means being flexible and creative.  Now if I can get hubby to stop working so we can get back out there everything will be okee dokey.  Hope to see you all on the road again soon and maybe I’ll have something to blog about.   It sure is hard to blog about nothing!