Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Willie Wagon

Couldn't resist this sign.
Jerri, this one is for you!

Sunday, September 26, 2010

Visiting Jekyll

Leaving Savannah behind we traveled on down Hwy 17 about 90 Jekyll Island, Ga. Jekyll is on a island about 10 mi. long and
maybe 2 mi. wide. It is most well known for the Jekyll Island Inn and it's historical visitors. This was the place where some of the rich and famous spent their winters in their "winter cottages.

Most of the residents were very rich and well to do people. People like Goodyear's, Macy's, and Rockefeller's were just a few. They had their winter homes here from 1880's to the 1940's and the Jekyll Island Club scene ended, mostly due to the Great Depression and WWII. The State of Ga. bought the Island in 1947 for $647,000.00.

Today it is a popular vacation spot and you can stay in the old club house, The Jekyll Island Club Inn, which has been renovated back to it's hayday. We are staying at the campground on the other end of the island. There are 4 golf courses on the island. We played The Pines course and it was a beautiful way to spend a day. There are bike paths all over the island and a great way to see everything. We toured the historical areas on our bikes (lots of flat land to ride on). Lot of wildlife and fishing. The beaches are fine during low tide, but disappear at high tide. Stayed here 4 nights and this time of year is great, no crowds.

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Savannah, Ga

Moving on we made a 3 day stop in Savannah, Ga. my favorite southern town. The weather was warm ,but it was a beautiful day. We are staying at Skidaway Island state park it is a very nice park with lots of live oak trees and spanish moss with nice shady sites. The campground is about 15 miles from downtown. We have been here sveral times also, so we just went into town one afternoon. We visited the Bonaventure cemetary and took a few pics of some of the headstone. The most facinating one is the stone figure of a little girl named Gracie, she died at 6 of yellow fever. The statue was designed by a guy who had a photo of her in her Easter dress and it is life size. Legend has it she roams the cemetary at times and has been seen by several people on different occasions. The birdgirl statue which is on the cover of the book "Midnight in the Garden of Good and Evil" is no longer in the cemetary, but it is on display at the Telfair museum in town because people were taking pieces for souviners.

Moving on down the road

After leaving Gaffney, SC we made our way to the coast and made a stop in Charleston, SC. We've been here several times so we just made a short visit to the historical district and then on to eat. We stopped at a little place on 17N about 15 miles out of Charleston called SeeWee's. They specialized in seafood (of course) so we had some and it was great and the place was right quaint, it has been in business for 50 yr in the same location.

Camp Freightliner...School

We spent two days Sept 16-17 in Gaffney, SC attending this class on the Freightliner chassis. The class was taught by Mike Cody and he was a great teacher. Learned lots about our chassis and got some good tips and website info. They even gave us a place to park with electric and feed us.

Tuesday, September 7, 2010


Jerry has been fishing for the "big one" but, no such luck. Jim where are you we need some lessons!!!!

Finally Cool weather

Finally the weather cooled down and it is time for a fire and a weeney roast Harry and Arlene joined us for hot dogs and s'mores. The fire felt great, it was in the 50's that night for the first time in several months of hot humid weather. Good times!