Monday, February 28, 2011

Frank Sinatra Invitational Golf

Jerry wanted to go to the golf tournament so on Friday we went over to check it out.  There was several stars that played in it so we sent the other Jerri out to search for them.

kelly pickler & pat boone 078

With her trusty cameras in hand and around her neck she finally found some of the more popular folks.

                                                                                                       kelly pickler & pat boone 086 (640x480)                             kelly pickler & pat boone 069 (640x480)kelly pickler & pat boone 068             kelly pickler & pat boone 089           Pat Boone was one of them.  He stopped for some photos and to sign some of the programs. He was so nice and talked with us a little.  He told me he was 76 yrs young and felt great. It was a fun day.

Saturday, February 19, 2011

Palm Springs, Ca

We have been in Palm Springs for 9 days. The weather is just wonderful with lots of sunshine and warm temps. It’s a little cooler today high 60’s (that’s cold here) and we even had rain last night.

We have been shopping with Jerri and Terry.

palm springs '11 002

We have been out to dinner with Jerri and Terry.

palm springs '11 035 palm springs '11 034 The Flame Brazillian Resturant

We have been to the Casino with uncle Floyd and Mary

The casino won! rats!!!!!

palm springs '11 033

We have been to the National Date Festival.

palm springs '11 041palm springs '11 040

palm springs '11 012 And the valley of windmills. That’s all for now.

Friday, February 11, 2011

Karaoke night


The Lavins were staying at the same park we were in, so we joined them for Karaoke night at the pool bar. We had heard that Ed like to sing and boy does he and very well. Linda also sings and did a duo with Ed. We had a good time listening to all the singers, good and bad.

Oatmen & Lake Havasu 014Oatmen & Lake Havasu 025

Next we are moving on to Palm Springs for a couple of weeks.

Oatman, Az


Before we left the Lake Havasu area we went over to Oatmen, Az. Oatmen is a little western town turned tourist attraction. It was a mining town back in the day but, today it is best known for the burros that wander around town looking for hand-outs.

Oatmen & Lake Havasu 002Oatmen & Lake Havasu 005

Some of the burros do their shopping at the shops in town.

Oatmen & Lake Havasu 009

Oatmen & Lake Havasu 006 downtown Oatman

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Things to see in Earp

Here are some of the things you can see in Earp.mexico to Lake Havasu 091

mexico to Lake Havasu 090

There’s more….

mexico to Lake Havasu 084mexico to Lake Havasu 051

mexico to Lake Havasu 088

One more…

mexico to Lake Havasu 074

Earp, California

From Quartzite, we moved on over to the Colorodo River where it’s a little greener.  We are staying at Emerald Cove Rv park in Earp, Ca for a few days where we have hook-ups again.

mexico to Lake Havasu 076mexico to Lake Havasu 075

It’s a nice change from the desert.

We took a ride up to Lake Hauvasu to see the London Bridge on Tuesday.  Hard to believe they moved it all the way from London and reassembled it in the desert. Oh well. mexico to Lake Havasu 079mexico to Lake Havasu 078

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Quartzite and more campfires

1-26 thru 1-31

Moved on to Quartzite next for the big RV show. Lots of rv vendors set up in a big tent and thousands of people attend year after year.  Everyone just camps in the desert and attends the show for a week.mexico to Lake Havasu 048Some of the tents

We parked out on Plumosa Rd. this year which is north of the city along with some new friends and we had a great time with them, especially around the campfires.

57AU4870 plomosa rd Q 2011 @100from left to right-us, Brad & Marilyn, Steve, Julie & Mike, and Carole.