Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Out of this world

We have always heard all the stories about aliens and Area 51 and watched all the tv shows about the extraterrestrials landing and seeing the lights in the skies.  So we decided to check out the Extraterrstrial Highway for ourselves. Hwy 375 is north of Las Vegas.

ale-e-inn 006ale-e-inn 008Looks like a great place for a landing to me.  So without another car in site (or spaceship) we traveled another 100 miles to the little town of Rachel.

ale-e-inn 007

We finally made it to Rachel and the only business in town was the Little

A-le-Inn.  Well of course we had to go in and check it out, besides it was the only place to get something to eat in the last 100 miles.

ale-e-inn 009las vegas 023Some of the folks working there looked a little shady but, we bellied up to the bar and ordered an alien burger, actually it was pretty good and we were hungry.

Looking around we saw a poster for the new movie Paul and found out some of it was filmed there. Haven’t seen the movie yet but, we will looks really funny.

las vegas 021las vegas 022

So after our burger we got back in the ship and headed back to Las Vegas.

ale-e-inn 011ale-e-inn 013What happens in Vegas stays in Vegas…..The End.


  1. How fun.The movie Paul has gotten good reviews so I think it would be a good one to see.