Thursday, May 31, 2012

Gone Fishing

We decided to take a little time off from work and house chores so we went up to our little spot in Tn. for the Memorial Day holiday.  The grandbabies came in from Tx for the week-end and we had a blast chasing them around and cooking out.
The boys decided they wanted to go fishing so Dad and Mom took them out in the boat to catch a big one.
Well the big one never showed up but, the boys jumped in and swam around looking for  "the big one"!  After some cooling off it was back to some serious fishing.  

As you guessed the big one got away, (actually I think he probably swam to the other end of the lake) but the little ones didn't mind because they got to pick up worms with Papa and do all those things little boys do like throwing rocks in the water and getting muddy!!  Awww the joys of  summer.



  1. Oh what fun! You are going to have to change from calling them grandbabies to grandBIGBOYS. They are really growing. Glad to see everyone smiling and having a wonderful time.

  2. What a great time and I'm sure you had just about as much fun as the rest of them did! This was definitely memories in the making! Glad you could all get together. Now you need to get that stupid house sold and back on the road.

  3. Jim sure wishes he was right out there with those boys catching the big one. Any news on the house? Is it on the market or are you going to rent it? I can sure relate to that hitch itch problem. We sat in AJ for almost seven months - not fun. But necessary to get Jim back into great shape again.

  4. Hey, is the house listed yet. Show me.

    I love the picture of Stacy's back and the little guy fishin'. It's a keeper.