Monday, May 7, 2012

Almost done

After about 4 months of remodeling we are close to being done.  Now what?  The waiting is going to be awful.  I've stayed very busy with all this but, I don't sit still very well.  I've already got hitch itch and it's getting worse by the day.  You know you always say things like I'm not going to do that again but, as much as I don't like the renting thing it may be our only option out of here.  We will see what happens. 

Painting the kitchen cabinets was a big project!  The cabinets were oak stained a dark color and I wanted to lighten them up so we painted them a off white and put a faux finish on them.  They turned out good and I sure am glad we are done with that (I'm not going to do that again).  I really didn't want to redo them myself and I got a estimate from a guy  that refinishes cabintes and his quote was $4000. after I got up off the floor I decided I can do this and for $300. I'm happy with it.

              Before                                                                                        After   


  1. Good for you!! I get hitch itch sitting here waiting for the kids to get to the weekend. Don't know what I want to do. This isn't it. Your cabinets looked great!

  2. Cabinets look much better. Modern. So we HAVE been spreading the word about your house. When there is a listing, please send the link.

    Miss you.