Monday, June 13, 2011

Lake Powell and the beach

It’s kinda funny we have spent all winter dodging winter weather (right Jerri) and we have experienced more winter and cold temps in the last month than all winter!  So longing for some warm sunshine and being able to sit outside without getting blowed away we headed south for awhile and landed at Lone Beach on Lake Powell.  That’s us the big one on the left.

N Rim and Lake Powell 049

It was the perfect spot and perfect weather.

It sure was nice to just sit and enjoy the beach for a little while and the temps were perfect.

N Rim and Lake Powell 051N Rim and Lake Powell 054

We have been boondocking (no hook-ups) for about 21/2 weeks in some of the most beautiful places.  We kinda like having no hook-ups for now. It gets you more perfect spots.

N Rim and Lake Powell 044

This was a view of the Colorado River as we crossed over Navajo Bridge in Arizona.

Wait till you see our next parking spot!


  1. Well, we keep wondering when we'll see you or even hear from you. Not having internet and being in beautiful places doesn't work. Get your butt up here! Or, are you going the other way?

  2. I would so like to have nice weather. Our days are pretty nice - today is really beautiful. But then we get those stupid storms every night. If it wasn't for the wedding next June I would seriously rethink this coming north in June. Looks like you have found some gorgeous places to camp.

  3. Ah, sunshine. We have a lot of that but now we have @#@$@^wind! Maybe we can get together too.