Sunday, June 19, 2011

The Goosenecks State Park, Utah

Our next stop was between The Valley of the Gods and Monument Valley.  We didn’t have any idea what The Goosenecks were so we decided to find out.  It was quite and awesome sight and a wonderful parking spot.

N Rim and Lake Powell 071

This was our parking spot right on the rim not more than 50 ft from the edge looking straight down to the San Juan River.  Isn’t it amazing  that a little river can do all that!  

Monument Valley in the distance

N Rim and Lake Powell 065

N Rim and Lake Powell 089Another beautiful sunset on another beautiful spot.


  1. Holy crap. Those look like buildings in the background. I presume they are just rock formations. How am I going to remember all these places? Oh well, we will discuss them around the fire ;)

  2. We were going to try and get to Gooseneck but not this time. And your weather at Monument Valley looks a whole lot nicer than ours. But we still loved it.