Sunday, May 15, 2011

Winter scenes in the middle of May

We have spent all winter avoiding this kind of weather, but there is something to be said about visiting it at 10,000 ft. and coming back down to 6500 ft. and warm weather. We were going to Cedars Break National Monument, but the road was closed because of several feet of snow still there. This was approximately 40 miles from out campground.

Brian Head Ski area 001

Brian Head Ski area 005

This was the road to Cedar Break (don’t know the lady she was just in the way) it may be June before it opens.Brian Head Ski area 007

Brian Head Ski area 010

The most amazing sight was this huge mountain of lava flow from an eruption from a volcano hundreds of years ago. The flow was probably 2-3 miles long.

Brian Head Ski area 013Mama Elk and her 2 kids. A good day.

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