Thursday, May 26, 2011

Finally some sunshine

Well hopefully our bad weather is over and spring is finally arriving in Utah.  Beautiful sun and warmer temps make it very pleasant.

red canyon bryson canyon 057

We have been to see some of the fantastic scenery everyday. red canyon bryson canyon 008This is the views in Capitol Reef National Park.

red canyon bryson canyon 042Jerry wanted to buy this beautiful new motorhome, but it was way overpriced!mokqi caveCoral Pink Sand Dunes state park.

red canyon bryson canyon 058

More Bryce Canyon.

red canyon bryson canyon 055

This old gas pump says it all!  Think we will rest a few days.


  1. I think he should have bought the motorhome!

  2. Happy to see a new post. Enjoy the sunshine friends.

  3. Glad you're finally getting to enjoy some sunshine. We are in WY where it's cold and windy. Love the gas pump.

  4. Let the poor boy have his toy. Give it to him for Father's Day.

  5. Bryce is our favourite park. Brad and I have been there twice now and can't wait to go back, but have to time it right since we're only down south in the winter due to our "out-of-province" restrictions. Love the pictures, and I agree, Jerry should have bought the new motorhome.