Monday, February 28, 2011

Frank Sinatra Invitational Golf

Jerry wanted to go to the golf tournament so on Friday we went over to check it out.  There was several stars that played in it so we sent the other Jerri out to search for them.

kelly pickler & pat boone 078

With her trusty cameras in hand and around her neck she finally found some of the more popular folks.

                                                                                                       kelly pickler & pat boone 086 (640x480)                             kelly pickler & pat boone 069 (640x480)kelly pickler & pat boone 068             kelly pickler & pat boone 089           Pat Boone was one of them.  He stopped for some photos and to sign some of the programs. He was so nice and talked with us a little.  He told me he was 76 yrs young and felt great. It was a fun day.