Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Earp, California

From Quartzite, we moved on over to the Colorodo River where it’s a little greener.  We are staying at Emerald Cove Rv park in Earp, Ca for a few days where we have hook-ups again.

mexico to Lake Havasu 076mexico to Lake Havasu 075

It’s a nice change from the desert.

We took a ride up to Lake Hauvasu to see the London Bridge on Tuesday.  Hard to believe they moved it all the way from London and reassembled it in the desert. Oh well. mexico to Lake Havasu 079mexico to Lake Havasu 078


  1. I love the profile picture of the two of you lovebirds. I saved it.

  2. I saw the bridge being "built" in the desert and I have yet to go back and see it again. Really must do that sometime soon.

  3. Hey! We're here, too. Sort of. We're moving the RV to Lake Havasu City today for service work tomorrow but we'll be back tomorrow night. Maybe us and you and Lavins could have a get together. The Crossroads Cafe across the river in Parker is a popular place we haven't been to yet this year. It's another place Mike & Julie introduced us to but it's not off the beaten track like the Desert Bar is.