Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Westward Ho

City of Rocks State Park, NM

Left Medina, Tx on Dec. 2 and headed west. Overnited at Walmart in Fort Stockton and headed north on Hwy 285 into New Mexico on Friday. Stopped in Ruidoso for the night and next day stopped at City of Rocks state park. This was a very interesting place with camping among these hugh rock formations out in the middle of nowhere.
Indians camped and lived here for awhile, the Apache were protected by the rocks since the surronding area was all open plains. We saw several grinding areas in the rocks that proved they were there. Some of the grinding holes were at least 12 inches deep into the rock.
Of course Jerry had to check out some of the tallest rocks.....children will be children!

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  1. We really enjoyed this place. The rock formations were amazing.