Saturday, November 27, 2010

Thanksgiving at Lake Medina, Tx

Arrived at Lake Medina in time to snap a sunset picture from our front door...ahh! Lake Medina is about 40 miles west of San Antonio in the hill country surrounded by lots of working ranches. The park is full of deer everywhere, just lying around the campers like dogs. They are feed well and are very tame, after they get to know you they will eat out of your hand, even the big bucks.
We had Thankgiving here at the park. There was a huge turnout with lots of food, turkey with all the trimmings. We were going to take a long walk afterwards,but it turned into a nap..oh well!

Grandkids arrived this afternoon for a few days. Mom and Dad wanted to see San Antonio. Nana and Papa won't be taking any naps that's for sure. Where do they get all that energy???? Yikes!


  1. Love that turkey. No grandkids for us this year so we got to take the nap.

  2. You make sure you don't feed them all your big $$bucks$$.

  3. Love when there are deer. Enjoy the kids!