Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Let's try this again...

Well, the wheels on the bus still go 'round!  Finally we are moving again, not far but moving.  We have pulled up roots on our property in Tennessee and moved to Dalton, Ga. city, the house was in the country.  We are now officially back to fulltiming and we are staying at the Dalton Elks Club.  We have lived here 27 years and didn't know there was rv parking here, they have 6 spots with water and electric and it's flat and private we're the only ones here.  The club is very nice and it also has a huge swimming pool for members.   I have never lived in the city  before so everything is real close by, in fact Jerry can come home for lunch it only takes him about 7 minutes.  He loves it, I'll never get to leave now!  At least I have something to blog about, I could blog about going to the grocery store or the laundry but most of you know how exciting that is.  Well until something exciting happens I guess a monthly blog will work.  Happy Trails!  

Elks club
Our spot




  1. Wow! What a nice park! Will they let you stay there a whole year like Jerry wants or do you want me to send you "casita" ads?

  2. YEA FOR YOU TWO! Glad you found such a convenient place. How long until Jerry says "Good Bye" to his job?

  3. So fun that you actually got the wheels to go round. It doesn't matter how far, it's the fact they moved. And that looks like a really great Elks campground. There just has to be something we can do to get Jerry away from that horrible place that has such a hold on him.

  4. It's a start. Now as for Jerry......

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