Thursday, October 6, 2011

Rocky Mountain National Park, Colorado

Well this is our last National Park for awhile, this will make our 11th National park we have visited since we started out this year in January.  Don’t ask me which one is my favorite!


This is rut season for the Elk and we got to see lots of them.  This was a large “harem” of  female  elk with the bull watching over them carefully.


DSC00712 Snow was starting to fall at this altitude and had closed the roads just a week earlier.  On this day we could only see for a short distance due to the clouds and some snow showers.DSC00734  These young elk just appeared up out of the fog.


The next day was beautiful and the late evening sky with the mountains was awesome.


Well, I might have to say that Rocky Mountain N P could have been my favorite park….maybe?????  They all have something special about them and we hope to visit them many more times.


  1. Where ever I'm at right now is my favorite place. This whole country is so beautiful in so many different ways. I love it.

  2. Get the heck out of there! Leave the snow behind. We enjoy visiting the Rocky Mts. NP. Hope to get there again MAYBE next fall.
    I wanted to tell you two I like your new blog look. Very clean looking, and the header picture is gorgeous! Enjoy the ride!