Saturday, October 1, 2011

On to Virginia City, Montana and Nevada City, Montana 9-13-11


Virginia City was once a booming place, but  is now just an old ghost town.  It was one of those gold boom era places.   There are several old buildings still around and some have a few gift shops.


Jerry did find the old Telephone Co. building. Looks like the operator is still there!

DSC00532DSC00534 Inside the drygoods store was a little bit of everything.  Sure am glad we don’t have to wear those corsets these days! Yikes!


Of course there was a few hangings here also. This guy was known as Pegleg George.   This was in Nevada City, just a few miles from Virginia, City.

Ennis, MT and Cody, Wy 011Ennis, MT and Cody, Wy 016

Some of the old gold dredging equipment was abandoned and left to just rust away.

Ennis, MT and Cody, Wy 021Ennis, MT and Cody, Wy 019


  1. Did you go to the Follies while you were there? It was an extremely funny show when we went several years ago.

  2. It's in waaayyy better shape than Mogollon!