Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Wallace, Idaho

Searching for a place to sit out Labor Day we found ourselves in Wallace.


Wallace is known as  The Silver Capital of the World, founded in 1884 with a population of 14.   By 1985 the Wallace area had produced one billion oz. of silver and poised to produce another one billion .  The silver valley has produced 8 million tons of lead, 2 million tons of copper, and one half million ozs. of gold and continue to produce them today.Silver prices are on the increase so the mines are ramping up their efforts  for recovery, prices have risen from $3.50 to the current price of $35.00 per oz. 

DSC00402 The downtown Wallace area was a great place to walk around and browse the old buildings still in use today.  The Renaissance design of most of the buildings was quite interesting to look at since they were built in the late 1800’s.


DSC00397DSC00405Bars and bordellos lined the streets up until 1985 when the bordello closed in a hurry with the girls leaving everything behind, now the bordello is a museum.DSC00412

While we were in Wallace we got to meet up with Mike and Debbie (Coldsmoke to some of you), we had a nice breakfast together and checked out the flea market with them.


  1. And why did the "women of the evening" have to depart in such a hurry? Bet some wives were after them, lol

  2. Very nice pictures. Glad you got to meet up with friends.