Saturday, April 30, 2011

Visiting the Grandbabies

April 19-26

rally and beaumont 015Beep beep, Nana and Papa are here!  We left the motorhome in Las Vegas and flew to Houston for a week to see the grands.  They are as active as we remembered and we had fun trying to catch up on all the fun we had missed.

Of course, Papa pooped out pretty fast as you can see after an active day at the beach along with the kids.

rally and beaumont 028

Cole 21 mos. is a waterbaby if he isn’t in the sprinkler he’s playing in the toliet ,never a dull moment here!!

rally and beaumont 020

We got to play Easter bunny and we colored eggs and hid them.  The kids had a ball and it was so funny to watch them, unfortunately they won’t stay this size long so we will visit as much as possible.  Mom and Dad are always glad to see us and sad when we leave, we keep them out of their hair for a week!   It was a week of chaos, but we loved every minute.

Back to Las Vegas for more of Nana and Papa’s kind of fun…jackpot!!!!!