Sunday, September 26, 2010

Visiting Jekyll

Leaving Savannah behind we traveled on down Hwy 17 about 90 Jekyll Island, Ga. Jekyll is on a island about 10 mi. long and
maybe 2 mi. wide. It is most well known for the Jekyll Island Inn and it's historical visitors. This was the place where some of the rich and famous spent their winters in their "winter cottages.

Most of the residents were very rich and well to do people. People like Goodyear's, Macy's, and Rockefeller's were just a few. They had their winter homes here from 1880's to the 1940's and the Jekyll Island Club scene ended, mostly due to the Great Depression and WWII. The State of Ga. bought the Island in 1947 for $647,000.00.

Today it is a popular vacation spot and you can stay in the old club house, The Jekyll Island Club Inn, which has been renovated back to it's hayday. We are staying at the campground on the other end of the island. There are 4 golf courses on the island. We played The Pines course and it was a beautiful way to spend a day. There are bike paths all over the island and a great way to see everything. We toured the historical areas on our bikes (lots of flat land to ride on). Lot of wildlife and fishing. The beaches are fine during low tide, but disappear at high tide. Stayed here 4 nights and this time of year is great, no crowds.


  1. I tracked this place down several years ago. It was on my "bucket list" but we never made it. Oh well, I'm glad you got to go for me!

  2. Looks gorgeous. Jim wants to know how the fishing is. That seems to be his only criteria for where we go.