Thursday, July 22, 2010


Well after 7 weeks at our temporary spot in Chattanooga we have finally moved up to our homebase in Crossville, Tn.

This will be our spot when we are not traveling. Mostly for just a couple of months in the summer.

We had our site set up last year with all utilities and had a road put in to get back to the water. It's a very relaxing place when we are not trying to make it more homey. We would like to take out a few more trees in order to see the lake better, so maybe this year and then again maybe next. Our best friends live next door, so we build a campfire and they will come!

We plan on being here until schools get back in session and the campgrounds thin out ,then we will head out for places unknown and toad's wild adventure begins!

long driveway

morning coffee on the boat


  1. Looks like a gorgeous spot to just sit and relax. Don't work too hard on it. Enjoy it.

  2. I love the picture of the coffee cup on the boat. I think I'll steal it.