Sunday, April 11, 2010

After Big Bend

March 28-30

We made our next stop at Big Bend National Park. Unfortunately my new camera broke and we were 200 miles from the nearest Sam's or Costco or from anything, so no pictures! I did get a few pictures of the campground we stayed at just outside the park. It was called Stillwell Ranch RV. The campround is on a ranch that consist of several thousand acres and is still a working ranch. It is still owned by the grandchildren of Hallie Stillwell. That is "Nan" in the red shirt. She runs the campground/store/gift shop/museum/and sometimes diner, plus helps with the ranch. She opened the museum that night for entertainment and storytelling.

She's quite a storyteller and the museum is dedicated to her grandmother. She also makes a mean bean burrito. They even have a song about it!

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